Cutting Household Expenses is Not That Hard

My hours got cut back at work so we cut corners at home. Then my wife got laid off from her job. The whole plant shut down a month later. No one had any prior notice. We really cut corners then. We sat down with the kids and looked at every single expense we had. We changed our car insurance to save money, we really got into coupon cutting, and the kids cut back a lot on their extracurricular school activities. I also found a link that told me to click here to get a better electricity rate plan. I had forgotten that we could switch electricity suppliers here in Texas. I had no idea if the rate we were paying was competitive or not.

It turned out that we were paying a much higher price per kilowatt hour of electricity than we had to. You know it’s not like the old provider was going to call us up and tell us that we could save money by switching to another electricity service supplier in Texas. I did some shopping around and found a much lower rate that stayed steady throughout the year. Switching was easy to do and the savings began immediately. After we cut all the corners we could, we buckled down to a new style of living. The original plan was to maintain it until the employment situation improved.

However, even after I got a promotion and a pay raise at work we kept up our frugal living. When my wife went back to work at almost twice her former pay, we still kept up our savings lifestyle. We monitored our expenses, had a savings goal and found out that we could get by with a lot less. Instead of being those people we used to be that spent money like it was water, we thought twice about what we needed versus what we wanted. We also kept up on looking for the lowest prices and rates on everything. The nice thing is that the stress of money worries no longer exists with us.