Got to My New Place Today

It was really hot today and it was a big problem for me. I went to the address where I had rented the apartment and I saw a bunch of those cherry picker trucks out in the street, a bunch of orange traffic cones and a guy with a stop sign was standing there. I went up the and looked around those trucks with the Choose Texas Power catch phrase on the side of it. Apparently they were trying to untangle a power line and a power pole from a big 18 wheeler. I do not know what that guy was doing on that street, which was one of the residential roads with cars parked on both sides of the street. Of course when it is hot things that are made out of metal will expand and in this case I am talking about a power line that was snagged by that truck.

In fact after I figured out what had happened I was wondering how this guy had made it as far as he had without doing the same thing all the way down the street. There were a lot more of those power lines hanging down across the street and all of them were really sagging a long ways from where you would think it was going to be safe. Of course that street was supposed to be off limits to trucks and I suspect that driver must have been sneaking through there using this short cut that very few people know about. I had to try to turn around and then circle around about twenty minutes to get to my new place, but of course the power was still off when I did. I did unlock the place and get my stuff in to the living room before I went back for more.