Having a Pretty Good Time in Oz

Having a pretty good time in Oz, by which I mean Australia. I have a job here in a little place in New South Wales just to the South of Sydney Harbor. I am thinking about whether or not to make this my permanent address. I guess that you can tell that I am serious about this girl because I let her take me to this place that does tattoo removal in Sydney. Of course I did not care much about the tattoos one way or another, but I hate having people tell me about what I should do with my own life and not the ink on my own body. Of course she hates the tattoos, especially when we go to the beach and I take off my shirt. Of course the ink dates from back when I was in the Marine Corps and I would go get to drinking and then get a tattoo on impulse. I freely admit that I might have poor judgment when I am drinking, but that does not make me all that special from what you read in the papers and see on the news on TV.

It is a pretty easy reason for me to do what she wants. This is not just any woman. For starters she has her own money. Usually when I date a girl it all comes out of my wallet and it does not matter if she has more money than me. I was a bit taken aback when she paid for dinner while I was in the men’s room one time. I have to admit that I was stunned and not all that aware of what I am supposed to do in such a case. She has her own house and a nice car and all that great stuff.