Introductory Deals with Direct TV

I am moving into a new house, and I think it would be nice to try to switch to satellite, as opposed to resuming a relationship with the company that I used to get my television service through. I do not see much of a need to do that, because they pretty much had the worst customer service ever. Instead, I am going to look into direct tv and the type of pricing that they have for their services. Hopefully, it is affordable, but I want to look through all of the deals thoroughly, to try to find the best plan for me.

I would not be averse to picking a plan that has an introductory price, as long as the plan does not cost like twice as much money, after that period is over. That would be ridiculous, and I am not going to pay so much money, just to keep my plan the same. If it comes down to that, then I would need to have the option to switch to a plan that does not cost so much money.

I think that my mother did something like that, when she had Direct TV a couple of years ago. I know that she was getting all of the channels for NFL games, and that was really cool, because I would go over to her house, just to watch the games on Sunday. However, she ended up canceling those channels, at a certain point in time, because they were going to increase her monthly bill. I would be fine with doing something like that, as long as I did not have to give up my favorite channels, when the period ended. I will have to find more info about the details and conditions though, to make an informed decision.