Let’s Take Control of Our Health

Herpes. It’s a word that can strike fear in the likes of men and women. For many of us, we remain unaware of the many faces this tenacious, ugly virus can take. Shingles. Cold Sores. Chicken Pox. Genital Herpes. It has many styles of dress, so to speak, and with a diverse number of infection routes it remains one of the most virulent and prevalent viral infections in modern society. Thankfully there are new cures and treatments available; http://www.admitonevip.com/herpes-cure-2014-new-discoveries-to-battle-the-infection/. While a ‘cure’ might be well off in the future, there are options available right now to help control symptoms and signs of infection.

This is important. We have to do what we can in order to mitigate the spread of the rashes and lesions that arise with a Herpes outbreak. The fluids that fill each sore are also one of the main transmission routes and even with a condom, it is possible to spread it to a potential partner. The sexual education which I was privy to when I went to school was nothing short of being laughable. The basic facts of STDs were hardly covered and only the mantra of wearing a condom seemed to be repeated in the classroom. Is it so surprising that so many people become infected, then?

We live in a society which is dominated by those who claim moral superiority. They claim that their beliefs can lead us down a ‘right path’ and yet they reject modern science when it can be so helpful for them and for the rest of our culture. What should be done when a group of influential individuals has sway over policy creation which can lead to more harm for our society? Who is to be held accountable for that? The public must have access to and be more educated in regards to sexual health to help control these viruses.