The all-time urban plus size clothing style


This article will show you the classic style to be confident in plus size. Plus size clothing is considered as one of the ideal clothing in today’s fashion trend. It’s not difficult to find clothes for full figured woman today because it’s just as easy as getting the skinny jeans out there.

For plus size women, you need to have classic items that stand the test of time. Some of these items are a value added fashion pieces to put in your wardrobe.

Don’t get shiver during fall season. Fashionable knitwear is an ideal outfit for those who are conscious about their arms. Knitwear with colorful patterns can cover the body without looking sloppy. It wraps up your arms area perfectly as you wear strapless dress in the layer.

  • Little black dress

The all-time favorite urban clothing is a little black dress. Black can sheer your body figure and flatters the curve. It’s a great outfit for a night out or a garden party at noon. Pair it with pump shoes or flats and you are ready for the casual and pretty look of the day.

  • Leggings

If you are not into jeans, you can alternate your style with colorful pattern leggings. This fashion item is made of soft and light weight garment that creates simple style. Pair your leggings with medium length t-shirt and you are ready to have a lunch with your girls!

  • Sleeveless dress

Your best friend wedding date is getting near. If you are confident with sleeveless dress, choose a dress with darker colored background. For instance, black sleeveless dress with red floral pattern can really flatters your figure.

  • Blazer

For women with a plus size figure, it’s important to choose tight dress over shapeless one. But if you don’t feel confident wearing tight clothing, you can cover it with chic blazer. Blazer is the perfect office hour outfit for urban women. Pick a chiffon material that can create silhouette to your body. You can combine it with animal printed tops to make a bold statement. This outfit is ideal for those who wish to have a drink straight after the office hour.

  • Bootleg jeans

For large size figure, it’s important to dress according to the size without creating a lumpy look. Bootleg jeans can cover your legs and make you look taller. For a chic style on a casual day, bootleg jeans can be paired with lacey tops. For more ideas on this check out

  • Gypsy tops

Gypsy tops are those colorful style that can be paired with other items and still looking great! It’s a comfy summer outfit if you don’t wish to wear bikinis while reading a book by the beach.

The key to a classic style is to pick patterns and colors that can be paired, mixed and matched with any other fashion items. Yes, you may require some of the trendy colored clothing with edgy cuts; but you don’t need them too many in your wardrobe.