Titleist Golf Balls – The Best Ones

The Golf ball are exclusively designed for the game, it is very important to find that golf ball which offers great distance as well as a delicate and controlled touch around the field. There are three basic types of golf ball based on their construction as given below. 

Golf Ball Types 

There are 3 basic types of golf balls available in the market. They are classified based on their construction and the type of ball is important because the type of ball has a huge impact on the golfers’ score. Titleist Golf Balls (http://www.performancegolfballs.com/product-category/titleist) are the best in their class.

2 Piece Golf Balls:

This 2 Piece golf ball is the ball manufactured by the majority of the leading manufacturers. Its features include large and solid rubber core, and it is covered by a plastic or rubber cover. The performance of the ball can be changed by altering the size of the core, compression of the core and the softness of the cover. These balls are the game improvement balls or the distance balls. These balls when struck by the golfer with the club provide a lot of velocity due to its large core. These balls are lower spinning balls, best suited for both male and female golfers and suited for all age players who have slower spinning speed. Out of the all spin balls, the Titleist NXT Tour S golf ball which is new is said to be the best, it offers great control, and this model has been engineered to offer softer feel for all shots. It is upgraded with thin fusablen cover, core which is highly resilient, and commands high spin control. The design is spherically tiled into 302 octahedral dimple design. 

3 Piece Hybrid Golf Balls:

This golf balls has a solid core which is layered with a mantle layer. And then it is covered with soft plastic or cover layer. This ball guarantees increased performance and great spin control. And this ball can also be adjusted to increase its performance. 
Among many distance balls offered by Titleist the new Titleist DT SoLo golf ball is said to be best, this ball offers extremely soft feel, excellent control and higher quality. The design of the ball is New Spherically titled 376 tetrahedral dimple design. 

3 or 4 Piece performance Golf Balls:

Professional golfers use this type of ball; this ball offers low initial spin and high iron spin. This ball has a unique core design. In this construction the 2 piece core is covered be thin mantle layer and then a rubber layer. 
Among the premium ball the best is the Titleist 2014 DT Solo 12 Ball Pack design, which is best suited for Mid high handicaps, it has super soft compression, fast core and soft ionomer cover. The design is 376 tetrahedral dimple design. 

How to pick a Golf ball

There are certain features that should be noted while choosing the golf ball. The features are given below;
1. Golf ball type
2. Golf ball Construction type
3. Compression rating
4. Suiting your style of game
The golf balls offered by Titleist, which are Customers favourite are Titleist Pro V1 12 Golf balls, Titleist Pro V1 * 12 Golf balls, Titleist Pro V1 * High Number 12 Golf balls, Titleist 2013 Pro V1 High Number 12 Golf balls and Titleist Velocity Single Digit 2014 12 Golf balls. 
Thus the best titlist golf balls can be selected based on all the above factors.