Which Golf Balls are The Best? Tips on How to Select the Best Ones

Golf enthusiasts know the importance of choosing the right equipment because it has a profound effect on the player’s performance. Just like the other equipments that are used in the field, it is vital that you choose the right golf balls. There are several options to choose from, and you need to choose carefully in order to ensure that it will fit your needs and skills. It is not easy to choose a golf ball, but there are some things that you can do that will help you find the right one. Many like to read golf ball reviews like this http://www.sportinggoodsreviews.net/golf-ball-reviews-2014-top-10/ before they purchase.

One of the first things that you need to do is determine what type of player you are. If you only play golf for recreation, then a recreational golf ball is the best option because it is designed for golf players who only have 80 miles/hour swing speed or lower. The side spin and compression are low because their cover is harder than their core, making them the perfect golf ball for players with low swing speed. Recreational balls are also more affordable that is why you don’t have to worry if you tend to lose balls frequently during the game.

If you play golf professionally however, you need the advanced balls. Unlike the recreational balls, the advanced balls are made of three or more layers with a core that is harder than the cover. Using this type of golf ball is more challenging because the swing speed should match the balls’ compression that is why a golf player needs to be physically strong in order to make a successful shot. Keep in mind that advanced balls that are branded and colored are sold at a higher price.

Players who want to practice their swing without spending too much on a golf ball are advised to opt for balls that are labeled PRACTICE. These balls are inexpensive, but they have most of the characteristics of a golf ball that is allowed in the course. While you can use it for practice, you have to remember that it has a poor hitting characteristic that is why you should use balls with better quality in actual golf tournament.

Balls that are lost in the course are usually collected by groundskeeper, which usually sold the collected balls to a recycling firm. The balls will be cleaned, resurfaced, and resold to players at a discount price if they are still playable. Most of these recycled balls are high quality advanced balls that is why they are ideal for players who want to refine their techniques in chipping, driving, and putting without spending a large amount.

There are different brands of golf balls out there, but not all of them could meet your needs. That is why you should also read golf ball reviews before you choose any brands. Reviews usually provide relevant information about a particular golf ball brand such as the features and price. Remember that ball features like the core, cover, and dimples could affect overall performance so pay attention to these details.